Latest crime figures for England & Wales revealed

Crime levels have dropped across almost all victim-based crime types, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). The Office of National Statistics has released the survey results for the year ending September 2014. There was an overall 11% decrease compared with the previous year. In comparison, police recorded crime figures showed no overall change.

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Australian and British police to share their DNA databases

Australian and British police will access each others biological databases to investigate major crimes such as murder, rape and terrorism. The deal the first in which Australia will systematically open up DNA and biometric records to foreign law enforcement might be extended over time to a network including Canadian and US police.

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Virtual lessons in forensic crime analysis

A new, online special topics course being offered by Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology in Vancouver, Canada will give students the chance to hone high-level crime investigation skills by accessing a virtual forensic criminal intelligence analysis lab.

SFU is the first university in North America to build and offer a virtual forensic analysis lab, which includes access to industry standard software and tools such as ESRI ArcMap Crime Analyst and IBM i2 Analyst Notebook, and a number of tools previously reserved for law enforcement and intelligence agency personnel only.

Working together with SFU criminology professor Curt Griffiths, Ryan Prox, a special constable with the Vancouver Police Department and an SFU instructor, will teach Crim 417, Introduction to Crime and Intelligence Analysis: Theory and Practice through SFU’s Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE). Students enrolled in the special topics criminology course can log in to the lab and use the highly specialized forensic analysis tools online.